Special cats need special love and care!

Here at the Tommy Cat Foundation, our Mission is to rescue and provide lifetime love, care and safe shelter for cats and kittens with special needs.

Tommy Cat

Tommy Cat was rescued as a baby with very bad eye infections. Unfortunately, even with the best medical care, they both had to be removed.  He adapted quickly to this new challenge as a blind cat and soon became an ambassador for differently-abled kitties!

His gentle demeanor and calm personality made him the purrfect candidate to be registered as a Therapy Cat with Pet Partners of Las Vegas/Love Dog Adventures.

On his volunteer visits to schools, businesses, hospitals, nursing homes, and everywhere else the comfort of a companion animal might be needed, he is able to educate people who may wonder how animals with special needs live and thrive!


This adorable little one came to us from Silver Cloud Special Cat Sanctuary in Walla Walla, WA.  He was born with many challenges that include being mostly blind, partially paralyzed in his back legs, and moderate CH, which is a neurological condition similar to MS in humans.

He has the sweetest disposition and just loves to be cuddled by the other kitties. He is pretty reliant on his caregiver for everything, so at night he gets to eat his dinner and sleep in his very own "kitty condo" where he won't accidentally fall or be bothered by the others.

Jack Sparrow

This handsome guy showed up in our local shelter in pretty rough condition. Once all the matted fur was removed, the birth defects in his legs were very apparent! His beautiful slightly crossed eyes just add to his charm and he is truly a ladies man!!

Jack is quiet and a little shy, but he gets around with no trouble and prefers the company of the other kitties to humans right now.  His gorgeous silver coat is coming back in beautifully with lots of love and proper nutrition.

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